Friday, March 30, 2007


"Every day GOD gives us a moment in which it is possible to change everything what makes us unhappy.

The MAGIC MOMENT is the moment at which a "yes" or a"no" they can change all our existence."

Paulo Coelho in "The Borders of the Stone River."


We only needed a Magic Moment, a fraction of second to change our history. A small space and moment that touches and wake up us to look for our Happiness.

Each dawn is a Magic Moment which brings us a universe plenty of infinite possibilities that take us to the way which we dreamed to travel.

Every moment of our life is a Magical Moment because it allows us a new beginning.

A Magic Moment allows us to change everything and to be the owners of our own destiny...

A Magical Moment allows us to see the LIGHT that always exists beyond the darkness and it allows us to see that always there is always waiting for us in the Infinite.

It allows us to see that in that small lapse it is where the LOVE lives and it gives itself to us i to be we who we are and to offer it to the world in an infinite and limitless way.

We do not need more than a Magical Moment to give a turn to our life and our dreams become reality. We can get it.

It is only a matter to take advantage of that Magic Moment that marks the line between yesterday and today; the one that marks the line between which was not and what is and will be.

A line that separates the finite thing of the Infinite thing.

A Magical Moment is the one that allows us to see that GOD always is with us and with Him everything is possible!

A Magical and Infinite Moment is the possibility to live and share this space with you, here and now.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks,

With LOVE,


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