Monday, February 19, 2007


"The words are the more powerful tool than you have like human being, the instrument of the magic. But they are like a sword of double edge: they can create the most beautiful dream or destroy everything what it surrounds to you."

Dr Miguel Ruiz.


The events that we lived day to day are defined not only by our thoughts, but also by our words. Each expressed word, without mattering if it is positive or negative, we will see it manifested in our life because it is invested with limitless energy and power.

Our life is unique and exclusively the reflection of what we thought and what we say. Therefore it is very important also to take care of our thoughts and our words. It is necessary to choose each word carefully to receive what we wished and mainly not to hurt or to damage by means of these to other people.

This perfectly has been interpreted by the Dr Miguel Ruiz in its titled book "The Four Agreements". For him the First Agreement is " to be impeccable in your words". To be impeccable in our words takes to us to live a better life without the shades on our own creations. It is important that our word as much spoken as written is impeccable at any moment. And that impeccability not only goes directed towards the others but also to ourselves.

Sometimes through low self-esteem, sometimes because things go wong or by to have mistaken, some people uses to live criticizing and recriminating themselves. Those recriminations are full of contemptuous adjectives with which they not only mistreat thus them, but that is ended up again reaffirming and pronouncing themselves in their life.

Perhaps a man feels like he is a loser and idiot at certain moment. Being saying that he is idiot and loser, is only going to bring to its life situations so that it demonstrates it since when decreeing it is fulfilled. Later he complains tht the things do go wrong , and ¿how he wants everything going right if with his words he attracted the opposite?

That is why Florence Scovel Shinn wrote... "Due to the vibratory Power of the words, what you say is indeed what you will attract towards you." The impeccability of the word goes beyond the content of the same one, the intonation and the intention which give force increasing its effects. Sometimes it is not "what a person says", but "how it says it" what makes the difference.

Many authors have affirmed that the more lethal weapon than exists is the language since the damage produced by it in many cases is irreversible and worse still, irreparable. With it is harmed to whom is directed to , but the greater damage is for who emits it. What a person says, positive or negative on a person, always it is returned to itself multiplied. That is a Law.

Jesus Christ for that reason said... "By its fruits you will know them" and iof course, a man is known by what he expresses and how he expresses in reference to himself, to the others and the world.

Also Jesus Christ said ... "It does not make damage to a man which to its mouth enters, but what it leaves fom it". For Him the use of the word always had relevance and he demonstrated it always.With the purpose of obtaining impeccability in our words we can adopt an old one proverb that says that the humans must use the word for 3 desires: TO CURE, TO BLESS and TO PROSPER.

Practicing this, it will be, without a doubt , what we will receive and the quality of life that we will have. If only we become aware from the important thing that it is to use the words suitably. What we say and how we say it is our election.

If we want to have a better life, is in our hands the way of creating what we want to experience. In order to obtain it, the word along with the thought are 2 very powerful tools that open any door helping us to get what we wish.

Someone says that we are the architects of our own destiny and that´s the way it is and it is very simple... If you change your thoughts, an if you change your words, your life will change .

Briefly... "Ask and it is given".

And… What do you think about the use of the word? How it has influenced in your life? Are you conscious of how to use it and the effects of the class of words you use has had in your life?

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks...

With LOVE...

* “The Game of Life and How To play it” by Florence Scovel Shinn.
* “The Power of the Spoken Word” by Florence Scovel Shinn.
* The Four Agreements" by Dr. Miguel Ruiz.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007


"The LOVE of GOD and the LOVE of the Higher Self is quiet, compassionate, strong and thick."



GOD IS LOVE. We CAME from GOD. We CAME from LOVE and we are LOVE. The essence of our being is to be LOVE and to give it without restrictions.

“LOVE is the answer to everything…" Brian Weiss says. In LOVE we can find solutions to every problem, to every situation, to everything. LOVE gives us the right answer because it gives us only what we need for our well-being.

Erick From in his book “The Art of Love” says.. “LOVE is give everything without asking anything in exchange”. LOVE never asks for something in exchange of what it gives. LOVE is and only gives because this is it´s nature. That is why Jampolsky wrote… “LOVE is complete acceptance and gives everything without limits and exceptions.” LOVE is unlimited. It is always expressing, extending and expanding itself.

LOVE is an energy. Everything is LOVE. LOVE is all that we can give and all that we can teach because we are LOVE. We live now and forever as LOVE because live and LOVE are synonymous.

Love is FORGIVENESS. True LOVE always forgives, forgets what happened and begins again. LOVE forgives and forgets all differences because it sees something more important . It sees how alike we are because we are love.

True LOVE is a complete pure way of giving that extends free and is it´s own reward.

LOVE is real and what is real, never changes. Love is always present. Love is everything and is in everything no matter how it looks.

LOVE changes anything.
NO matter what happened and who hurts you, always answer them with LOVE. LOVE is the most powerful weapon to use because it dissolves hate, fear and attacks. LOVE touches the other´s heart and makes him change his mind.

LOVE dissolves fear. Where LOVE appears, fears disappears. LOVE brings us peace and the confidence that GOD is with us and working for us in every situation.

LOVE cures everything, no matter what it is. Every illness is cured by LOVE because LOVE is the better medicine of the world. Every illness is caused by absence of LOVE. When we begin to love ourselves and everybody no matter who they are and what they do, we cure an illness no matter what it is.

LOVE makes MIRACLES disappearing darkness and lighting up to our life.

LOVE thoughts are powerful. When we think with LOVE, we are creating with Love. When we think and send LOVE to everybody we are giving them a great gift and we are giving it to us too. When we think with LOVE, everything is right in our life and everything we want happens. LOVE is attracting us whatever we desire.

LOVE is not LOVE if it is not unconditional. We love when we give it without conditions, when we give it only for the pleasure to give it without waiting for a reward.

When Love is my priority in every situation, I am realizing God´s power. No matter what is happening in my life , if I make LOVE my priority, GOD will give me the answers and will solve it. If I use LOVE instead of hate; if I don´t answer attack by attack and prefer to answer it with LOVE, I am doing what GOD has been doing in this situation.

We can live a better life. We know that the kind of our thoughts is the kind of life we have. Then we can live the life we want when we decide to live through LOVE. And there is a wonderful reason to do it, because…


¿Don´t you think that make LOVE our priority in life can changes anything?

I invite you to live it...

I wish you a lot of LOVE in your life forever.




Suggested Books...

* "The Art of Love" by Erick From.

* "A Return to Love" by Marianne Williamson.

* "Teach Only Love. The Twelve Principles of Attitudinal Healing" by
Gerald G. Jampolsky.

* Messages from the Masters (Excerpts)" by Brian Weiss.

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