Friday, March 23, 2007


"We must remember that our money is the money of GOD;
let us accept to have everything what He wants us to do everything what He wants that we do.

GOD wants that we have the material base necessary to obtain our greater happiness."

Marianne Williamson.


Money is the symbol of the Infinite Provision. It is the symbol of an Idea in the Divine Mind. When it is pronounced of the Divine Idea of a provision of total sufficiency, it appears the symbol, in this case, money.

Money is only an effect. To concentrate in the effect forgetting the cause, the effect, that is the money begins to diminish. Focusing your attention in money, cuts Spiritual Supply. It is the reason why when you think more about the money , it less arrives to your life.

Your provision is not the money, you Provision is GOD. When you understand, realize and accept this truth you will see the provision flowing and and manifesting into your life in a limitless, uninterrupted and perfect form.

If you want more Prosperity and money in your life, you only have to change your conscience. It is to transfer from the material conscience to the Spiritual Conscience.

You do not have to decide where will the money come to your life.

The more impersonal you are on the matter, more easily it will arrive to you by awaited and unexpected sources.

When you focus in the Spirit you will maintain open the channel to express the Divine Idea.

As John Randolph Price briefly explains, ...

"Extract the money and the material possessions of your mind (the effects) and focus and concentrate only in the Prosperous Abundance of the Divine Substance that flows eternally of the Masterful Conscience within you. Take your place and accept GOD now "

And you…

Where is your conscience? Who is your Supply?

I invite to you to share your experience about the money with us.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!





* "Today is a fabulous day. Money comes to me in awaited and unexpected forms."

* "I AM a magnet for the money. I attract all type of Prosperity."

* "Money is a state of mind that serves me as support. I allow the Prosperity to come into my life with greater impetuosity than ever before."

* I resign to all resistance to the money. And now I allow it to overflow gladly."

Louise. L. Hay.


Recommended Readings...
* "The Abundance Book." by John Randolph Price.
* "I Can Do It" by Louise L. Hay.

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