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"Forgiveness is the key of Inner Peace because it is the mental technique by means of which our feelings become, happening of the fear to the LOVE."

"Forgiveness is a selective form to remember, consciously to make the decision to concentrate themselves in LOVE and to ignore of the others."

Marianne Williamson.


Sometimes in your life there were some events that were not as you desired and made you feel bad. These situations no matter how difficult that they seemed, in fact, were a great gift, but in that moment, you saw them in a very different way.

You didn´t see them like opportunities to learn and to grow up, because you saw them like difficulties where many feelings like hatred become jumbled, resentment, resentment, etc. These last ones are the causes of many diseases.

A lot of people are accumulating in it´s life all the unfortunate events and their feelings of hatred or resentment are more and more bigger and those feelings are physically transformed becoming diseases into many cases, dead. The fundamental cure to those diseases is to forgive.

Very often,when you are the victim, you think or feel that you cannot forgive. You feel so wounded that you do not see the way to do it and sometimes you think that the aggressor or object of your hatred, deserve it. The feelings of revenge, the desire of punishment and the bad wishes generated towards others have so high an emotional load that it attracts to the life of who feels them,an endless of negative things.

In many occasions the person who apparently offended another one, did not do it intentionally, didn´t realize that it happened, or no longer remembers that and is living happy ,whereas the one that felt attacked, lives immersed in giving him returned to the subject and to generate more negative feelings on that person, attracting solely for itself same what wishes for the other.

That is an error. By great errors that we commit, we it would like to be forgiven and to be forgiven we needed first to forgive to those who offended us. It is a great exercise of growth and a form to have inner peace.

Forgiveness is a gift. A gift that more than to give it to another one, we give it to ourselves. When somebody feels hatred, or resentment with respect to another person, it lives with a very great load on it´s back. It is as if the object of its resentment was loaded by the person.

When we forgive, there is a liberation and that load disappears of our life for always. It is not possible to be walked by life loading to all those that have made us damage. That prevents us to advance with lightness and to be happy.

The lack of forgiveness stops the plans and damage the body which prevents to obtain what is desired, preventing to grow up and to evolve. We have listened a lot of times.. "From hatred to LOVE there is one step".

It is truth. We can say that hatred is the opposed one to LOVE. Hatred is in the negative pole, opposed of LOVE that is positive. We can say that both are a same feeling but in different degree.

You have yourself to ask then, how to change your feelings towards the person that apparently damaged you? It is not possible to be requested to you that you love who you hate in 15 minutes, but by forgiveness, you release it and you release yourself so that you can reach the point of balance between the 2 feelings.

When you feel annoying, angered or with resentment with some person, you can begin to remember the good moments and the good things that the person has done for you. Seeing its qualities instead of its defects and forgetting what happened between both of you, you will begin to feel Peace and to see that you don´t need right to hate it, nor necessity of it.

When you change your attitude and begin to see the good thing of the person, you began to go towards the positive side and it will be easier to you to forgive. When somebody says something to you that you do not like, instead of feel hurt about it and answer in an aggressively way,you can say to him mentally ... "This does not mean anything for me". You will feel the certainty of your affirmation and you will not feel affected by the person or the commentary.

You will have Peace with yourself and with the other when you arrive at the midpoint, to the balance point. Jesus Christ always spoke of the forgiveness. For Him it was very important, as much that he forgave to those who they betrayed and crucified him, asking His Father... "Forgive them, because they do not know what they do". We can learn of Him and follow its example and legacy.

I invite you to forgive those who you feel that hurt you or damaged you without concerning the magnitude of which they have done. I invite you to choose one and begin by him and when you have released it, you follow with another one and another one until you feel free, light and peacefully. Thus you will receive the same that you give and will see impressive changes in your life.

FORGIVENESS is a GIFT of LOVE . It is in your hands to forgive all those that need it. It is in your hands also receiving it. When you give forgiveness to others, you also will be forgiven and released and that it is the greatest gift of LOVE than you can give to yourself.

How do you feel with respect to other people? Do you think that it is a good idea to try to forgive? Which are the qualities of those who apparently hurt you? Don't you think that there is still much to rescue?

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