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"The DECREE is a felt verbal or mental affirmation of such form that is able to produce the effect of what it was saying.

Jorge Hartkopf.

The words that we say don´t go with the wind. They take shape of DECREE. Our thoughts do not disappear and already, they are also shaped in DECREE form. The word is a spoken thought.

The thought is a quiet decree, but it is fulfilled exactly just as a pronounced decree. Each thought or phrase that we say turns a decree automatically which sooner or later we will see manifested in our life.

Jorge Hartkopf in his book, “Practical Metaphysics” he defines the DECREE as... “a spoken or mental affirmation felt in a way that is able to produce the effect of what it´s said.”Our decrees are orders and must be fulfilled.

Cosmos, Life or as you love to call to it, is impersonal and it does not select what kind of decrees are going to be fulfilled and what kind of decrees, not. It fulfills absolutely ALL.

If the decree is positive or negative, it will be fulfilled and it will be pronounced of equal way. For that reason we have recommended to watch what we thought and to take care of what we say. To be impeccable with our words is not a luxury, is a necessity.

During the day we produce infinity of decrees, which are going to give by result the reality which we are experimenting and that in a future we will experiment. Who use to wake up saying that it will be a good day , it´s the kind of day that will happen . And for someone who thinks that it´s a bad day, thats the kind of day that he will get. The class of life that we have is the reflection of which we decreed.

The good luck and the bad luck do not exist. We created “the luck” that we have.To the people whom everything goes well is because it´s decrees are always positive, they always see a bless in people and the situations and it is in what they focus their word. They use to say… “Today is a great day.” “I am happy”, “ I have a great life”, “I love my job”, “My wife is wonderful”, “I have a good boss who always recognizes and values my job”, “I enjoy life“ I am sure that everything will be ok”, I am Prosperous and healthy”, etc.

However those that spend the day complaining, speaking badly of all world, of diseases, accidents, negative events of other people, criticizing and wishing badly to the others, that it is what they obtain. Later when these persons see what they decreed, they will be surprised by the kind of life they have. The will blame everything and everyone all of his “bad luck”; which has been created by themselves.What it is also decreed with respect to others happens.

If a decree in favour of or against somebody is said, the decreed thing will be given back to which it emitted it, but multiplied.When something negative happens to you, it is important to examine the class of thoughts and expressions you have on that person or situation in individual.

The fact that maybe it has not been thought recently, but that does not mean that never have been thought or expressed. If it is appearing now is because it was in the past and until now it is being manifested.We can use the DECREE in our benefit and in the benefit of others.

It is a wonderful key to change a situation. Our single word will have an enormous impact if we used it suitably. By the force of a decree we can return Peace, Harmony, Health, Prosperity to our life or the to the life of others, as well in all the circumstances.

The Force of the decree is in its manifestation, but also in which it can invest to the events changing his result.For example... if you arrive at a place where people are fighting themselves, you can decree mentally but with firmness. “ I AM THE LOVE HERE”. You will see as in just a short time the things calm down returning the Harmony.

If you are in a place where the negative words, gadgets, and critics and are the main subject, you do not become jumbled throwing more firewood to the fire. You can help better if you affirm, better decrees it mentally…”I DON´T ACCEPT IT FOR ME NOR FOR THEM”. With it you are cancelling the effect of what it has been expressed there. Let us take care of what we decreed.

Let us make conscience of which the DECREE is an order that will be fulfilled sooner or later because it has been créate by the union of our ideas and the DIVINE ENERGY that we are receiving from the DIVINE MIND at every moment of our life.

That Creative Force is the one that produces the manifestation of which we wishes to see reflected in our life. Seeing the so great power that we have to create and to transform our life, we use the decree solely, as the Old Teachers said, TO CURE, TO BLESS and TO PROSPER and that will be what we will get.

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