Monday, June 18, 2007


"The Hierarchy has in its manifestations one séptuple function that obeys mainly to the same Solar Nature, that, still being the synthesis of the Galactic Nature, it works through 7 swelling sequential ones of energy with different qualities, each one synthesizing to the previous ones and promoting the appearance of the subsequent ones.
The cycles are repeated time and time again from the beginning of the times and until the end of such."
Masterful Ascended Saint Germain.

The 7 swelling sequential ones of energy to which Masterful Saint Germain talks about are called Rays or Flames. The Rays are substance of GOD in action that contain all Their Virtues and integrate all Their ASPECTS. FLAMES ARE ALIVE ORGANIZATIONS.

They always listen to our call, they always respond and always they act. When the absence of something is pronounced in your life or when you need a specific quality, you can invoke the right Flame and it will provide you what you are requesting. Here, you will find the VIRTUES of each Ray...
BLUE RAY... It represents... The Will of God , the Will like Virtue in you. Also FAITH, Power, Courage, Strength, Happiness, Protection, Balance and Peace. It develops... To be able, Initiative, Decision, Force and Protection.
GOLDEN RAY ... It represents... Wisdom, Intelligence, Illumination, Understanding and Peace. It develops... Wisdom, Mental Force, Intuition and Perception.
PINK RAY... It represents... DIVINE LOVE, Adoration, Harmony, Opulence, Beauty, Cohesion and Peace. It develops... DIVINE LOVE, Tolerance and Adoration.
WHITE RAY... It represents... Purity, Immaculate Concept and Peace Obtain the Ascent and Resurrection. It develops... The Arts.
GREEN RAY... It represents... Truth, Health, Sanación, Music, Consecration, Concentration and Peace. It develops... Sciences.
RUBY-GOLD RAY ... It represents... Grace, Providence, Provision (equivalent to the Bread Ours of every day) Cleaning, Ministry, Tranquillity and Peace. It develops... Ceremonial cult, Serenity, Concentration and Patience.
VIOLET RAY... It represents... Pardon, Mercy, Transmutación, Compassion, Invocation, Liberation and Peace. It develops... Culture, Refinement, Diplomacy and Prudence.
You can try to invoke them and you will see Miracles in your life They are very important when you are creating your reality.
Enjoy them and have fun.
Thanks for being here!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007


" Why the world cannot think that I AM practical?

Why it has been never spoken of the joy that I used to express very often?

Why have you represented me with length faces without a smile?

The joy and the understanding of the Life give the Happiness, my dear friends, and is difficult to be happy without a smile.

A smile can have as much Power! "

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