Thursday, April 19, 2007


"Think in a while about that a so vivid and pure idea arose to you, and so true that happiness waves began to arise in a part of your body and flooded each cell of your being.

You can call it the Caress of the Angel or brushstrokes of LOVE. We were."

Barbara Mark and Trudy Grisworld from "The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing."


Everytime we call an Angel, the Angel comes to answer the call.

They love to help us and they are ready to do it.

We can communicate with the Angels and in many occasions, without becoming aware of it, we have done it.

The Angels speak continuously with us and all the human beings have the same potential to receive and to and understand its words.

There are many forms to do it. The messages of the Angels arrive to us from many ways.

To listen to an inner voice, an inspiration, to find suddenly a commentary, an answer or the solution of a problem in unexpected means like a friend, or a book, a magazine or a film, are only some of them.

In the personnel, I am convinced that to obtain a message or angelical answer we need these...

1. BELIEF or certainty of its existence.

2. FAITH in that we will receive what we request them.

3. To be thankful to them with LOVE beforehand what we expect to receive from them.

4. To leave the subject in its hands and to wait the perfect time when it will happen.

As you see, it´s very easy to do it. You can try it and will see wonderful things happening in your world.

Be happy,


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