Thursday, April 12, 2007


"The man has in his hands the resource to form his destiny and its success in it depends on if it is exposed by means of his behavior to the influence of the loaded forces of blessing or destruction."

Ch'ien Hexagrama 15 of I CHING.


We create our own reality and for it, we can choose the influence of the Angels so that they guide to us and they help us to obtain everything what we dreamed.

The Angels are our heavenly partners. They always are with us helping, protecting and guiding , and radiating their LIGHT and their LOVE to us.

The word angel comes from Greek "the angelos" that means: GOD messenger.

Margaret Nylon says ... "The Angels are immaterial beings, pure, intermediary spirits between the man and GOD who always are to our side, with the task of keeping and guiding us."

And thus it is. The Angels, who are mediating between GOD and us can make Magic in our lives. For this reason, whenever we need them, they come to our call and if we allowed them they transform our lives.

Without concerning our personal religion or beliefs, the Angels are wonderful friends in our life.

These wonderful Beings of Light are always ready to be called and invited to our life to do everything what we request to them. They cannot act by themselves if they are not called.

We can call them sure that they will come to help us to get a better life.

¿Don´t you think that it´s a great idea to invite them to our lives?

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being here!!!

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