Thursday, May 3, 2007


If you are looking for creative ideas, go to take a walk.

The Angels speak to the ear of who takes a walk.

Raymond Inman

There are Specialist Angels for anything we need.

They are specialist because they are dedicated to some activity in special.

If you need health, call the Specialist Angels in health and they will come to heal you.

If you need money, call the Specialist Angels in Prosperity to help you.

If you are looking for something that you lost, you can call the Specialist Angels in finding lost things.

If you need to get a house, you can invoke to the Specialist Angels in finding houses.

If you need to fix an electrical appliance, to the specialist Angels in repairing of such appliances.

If you need to find a place for parking, ask for the Specialist Angels in finding parking, etc.

As you will see, the Angels are wonderful winged allies that if we request them they answer our call doing Miracles and Wonders in our lives.

It is our choice to invoke them to receive their aid, their Light and their Love.


"It does not matter how I manifested myself, how is my body and my voice, you always you will know how to recognize to me".

First Revelation of an Angel to Orus de la Cruz.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!




Anonymous said...

Sharon saids:

it works and it's on the angels and they will help you! But you must manifest and believe to be true within your heart...then when it happens, immediatley thank them

I ive in a very congestion neighborhhod where no parking existence without circling the blocks...well every months the street sweepers make parking more unbearable by posting signs to move cars from one side of the street to the other. Imagine my haste this morning when I realized I didn't get up soon enough to have the time to find parking on the other side of the street. I had only 20 mins to jump in my car and start searching! Then come back to my apt., get dress and head to work catching the train.

Before the went the door, I grabbed my keys and took a few seconds to ask the angels to PLEASE help me find a parking spot in the immediate radius of my building within the next 15 mins. PLEASE have a spot ready for me! Please angels!

As soon as I went out my apt gate towards my car, there was an empty parking spot wide open on the otherside of the street from my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I reached the car door, I saw 2 cars already driving towards me, so I just knew that one of them will grab the spot. Instead they both drove by! I said to myself, OMG! The spot, I've got to get it! I jumped in my car and got the spot!!!!!!!!!!! I was so overjoyed and so grateful and thanked God and the angels over and over and over again and visualized me hugging all of them!!!!!!!!! Ask and they will help you but only if you believe they are real and ready to lend their services anytime you need them!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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