Saturday, May 19, 2007


"The Path is opened when we are united to GOD."

Alida and Jose L. Sosa.


This is a story of Julio Peradejordi which I want to share it with you...

"The PATH, The TRUTH And The LIFE."

All our life is an unconscious search of the Life.

All our truth is a constant search of the Truth.

All our walk is, without we never get to suspect it, a search of the Path.

Only the Life takes to the Truth because only Life is the Path.

Only the Truth takes to the Life, because only the Truth does not separate us from the Path.

Only the Path takes to the Truth, because only the Path is faithful to the Life.

When they asked the Teacher who did he was, He simply responded :

- I am the Path, the Truth and the Life.

And we followed obstinate in looking for the Truth, in looking for the Path outside the Life.

Accepting the Life we will only be able to initiate the peregrination that leads us to the Truth. There is no another Path.

Only you know what Path you choose. Only you can chose the way to look for the Truth. Only you know where to find the Life. Only you, when you are creating your own reality, know where does your search begin and where it finishes.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks to be here!
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You find this history in...

* "56 Stories To look for GOD". On this book, his author, Julio Peradejordi says to us... "This book born of the search, that inner route towards the Divine thing, and is in itself a compilation of searches and an encounter with ourselves and the Creator. ` The one who is looking for GOD is already finding him.´ "

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