Saturday, January 27, 2007


Our thought is creative. Everything has been created from a thought. Music, art, the greatest constructions and inventions were a thought at the beginning, a vision in the mind of someone that create it to share it with humanity.

We spend our whole life thinking a lot of things. We use to bring present, past and future situations to our mind. Some of them are nice and other, unpleasant. We make plans for our life. We are always creating.
Our thoughts are things and has been always manifested. We attract what we think.

Our quality of life is determined by the quality of out thoughts. If our thoughts are positive, only the good things will come to our life. But if they are negative, things will go wrong.

The difference between a good life, full of health, prosperity and happiness and a life full of problems, deceases and poverty has it´s root in the way of thinking because we bring to our life what we think.

If we think that we are healthy, rich, intelligent or happy, that is what we will be. But who use to think that is poor, sick, sad or fool, life will bring him all kind of opportunities to show it.

Our thoughts of faith attract us the best. The thoughts of fear attract what the persons are afraid of. How many times we went to present a project or an exam sure that everything will be alright and it happened? But ¿how many others, the fear of fail brings negative results? And after this kind of situations there is someone who says…”I knew it”. What this person doesn´t know is that he thought the result and that is what really happened.

We can have a better life if we pay attention to our thoughts.. If we always think positive that will be what we bring to our life. No matter what we have thought about someone or something, we can change the result about it.

The seed of the life we have, is the result of what we think. We have in our hands the opportunity to create the kind of life that we want. GOD always gives us what we ask Him for. We have the opportunity to choose what we want. If we ask for blessings, that is what GOD will give us because He wants to give us the best things of life and we deserve them.

If we look at our life, we can ask ourselves…

¿How are my thoughts today?

With LOVE,


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E-1000io said...

Lucky Superstar,I agree with you. You say that thoughts are things. They are things in our mind before its manifestation. We can see the kind of thoughts a person has if we see the kind of life and the situations happening around him.
We need to think better toughts to live a better life. Kisses,




We grow up repeating...

"Think positive, talk positive, act positive and be positive."

With these four, life is easy.

A big kiss for you,


Mary said...

Do you think I can change a relation if I change the way I think about the my sister?



If you think in your sister qualities instead her faults, you will find the real person she is and you will have a better relationship with her.

Thinking positive about her, you will increase her qualities and that is what you will get from her.




E-1000io said...

Mary, maybe you have problems with your sister. If you think the good times, her good actions, and the good things that she has done to you, you will find a lot of reasons to make up your relation. Brothers and sisters are not perfect but they are who will remain with us at the end of the times. A hug,




When we think positive about someone, we find more reasons to love this person.

When you think positive about someone, you left behind problems, negative things and bad times about this person.

When you think positive about someone you are not bringing to your mind the worst part of this person and you are not making bigger something that happend in the past.

It is very important, not to give attention to the actions that hurt you in the past. Every time you remember them you are giving them life again. And sometimes you feel angry again about something that you can change.

Change your mind about your sister will be the first and more important step to build a better relation with her.

We can talk a lot more about it here if you wish.






You are what you think.

Think positive and life will be positive for you.

Have a nice day!!!



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